How To Get Refund From British Gas

British Gas is one of the largest energy providers in the UK. The company provides gas and electricity supply to over 12 million residents in the United Kingdom. Not only just that, but they also offer boilers & heating equipment, plumbing & drains cover, Appliances, home insurance, etc. types of services. You can even book an engineer online if you are facing any problem regarding British Gas services. With so much flexibility, British gas offers quality and reliable services. Remember, you can use this page and contact British Gas easily through phone, mail, fax or social media.

There may be chances that you want to refund your extra credit. The reason can be any:

  • You closed your account, and there’s still credit left in it.
  • You decide to shift your home. Due to which, you have to close your old account
  • For some reasons, your bill is showing that you are in credit, which means you can get a refund, etc.

But the problem you might be facing is that you don’t know “how to refund from British Gas.” Well, you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll guide you through every possible step that you can take to get your British Gas refund quickly:

  • Open New Tab and visit British Gas Official Website
  • Review the British Gas Refund Policies
  • Making the Refund
  • Contact British Gas Account Enquiries Number 0333 202 9802

You’ll also learn some important details regarding British Gas refund policy. If you need any assistance, you can always contact British Gas Customer Service Helpline. The Live operators will address your queries concerning British Gas credit refunds.
Following are the steps that you need to follow to refund your credit into your account:

  • Step 1: Visit British Gas Primary Website
  • Step 2: Read British Gas Credit Refund Policies
  • Step 3: Refunding Your Credit
  1. Step 1: Visit British Gas Primary Website

    Open the new tab in your browser and go to British Gas Website. Log into your British Gas Account in the “My Account” section. In case you don’t have the account, then you need to register yourself first. For registering yourself into the British Gas website, read “How to Register or Login on British Gas.” Just fill the necessary details, and you are good to go.
    British-Gas Login

    • Enter your Email id and password
    • Click on Login to enter your British Gas Account
  2. Step 2: Read British Gas Credit Refund Policies

    The Next Step is to go through the British Gas terms and conditions that apply on refund policies. It is very important that you understand how British Gas credit refund works. Otherwise, anyone can end up making false refund claims. The main reason for this that there’s a limit for the credit that you can refund, and a particular term. Although, British Gas refund every possible credit claimed by their customers. If for some reasons, the refund amount is not collected by its owner, then the amount is transferred for charitable purposes.
    Following are the things you need to follow to get your unused credit back:

    • If you have got some of the credit left on your prepayment meter, then you will only get a refund when your contract ends with British Gas.
    • Make sure you tell British Gas officials at least two days prior your contract ends that you want the refund.
    • Take your card, token or key to the nearest PayPoint to get credit from your meter.
    • After that, the processing for your refund will be initiated by British Gas.

    If you own British Gas some money, then they can move money from your other accounts or contracts, even if it’s not under the same deal. British Gas can pay off your debt to them by using:
    owe money to british gas

    • A deposit you have paid
    • Money that British Gas owe you, or
    • The money you may have spent under a different account with British Gas, even its for a separate property.

    As long as you don’t owe British Gas any money, your credit will get a refund to your British Gas account linked with your new address. They can even send you a cheque to any address you want them to. In case you don’t take these steps before your contract ends, the British Gas Customer Service team will take necessary steps to pay you the left credit on the meter. A reasonable amount will be charged for covering your administration cost.

    Getting Refund

    In the event that your bill is showing you have credit left, you can quickly get a refund. For this purpose, you need to submit your current meter reading to make sure your bill is accurate. The way you will get the refund depends upon how you paid to British Gas:

    • If you have paid by cash, cheque or any electronic funds, then you will get your refund by cheque.
    • In case the payments are made by credit or debit card, then money will refund to your card.
    • If its Direct Debit, then British Gas will refund by BACS.
  3. Step 3: Refunding Your Credit

    If you want to refund your money online, the first thing to do is to make an online account first. Then follow the given steps:

    • Login to your British Gas Account.
    • From the left-hand menu, select “Payments.”
    • Now select, “manage your Direct Debit.”
    • In case you have multiple accounts, select which one you want the refund from.
    • Now click “get a credit refund” in the left-hand menu.
      British Gas Direct Debit

    You can even get your credit refunded by your electricity or gas payment card. But it’s better that you leave it alone, so you may not get in debt during winter when electricity consumption is high. You can calculate your refund amount by visiting this link. It will also let you know that whether your monthly Direct Debit payments will get affected or not.
    British Gas uses the unclaimed money to provider support to the consumers who are vulnerable and need some financial help. Between 2008 to 2014, they spent over £87 million on social initiatives.

Contact British Gas Account Enquiry
Contact British Gas Account Enquiry


You can check your bills online if you have the British Gas online account. It also enables you to handle your Direct Debits. If you want to know more about your refund details, then you can call British Gas Customer Service team at 0330 100 0222. This line is available from Monday to Friday between 8 AM to 6 PM, and on Saturday from 9 Am to 1 PM.

Contact British Gas Social Media

One place where you can know more about the British Gas and its services is the Social Media. You will get latest updates regarding their services like price hike, new product launch, etc. via their social media accounts. On Twitter, you can contact British Gas at @BritishGas or @BritishGasHelp. You can even try contacting British Gas Services Supplier at You can also engage in online chat with British Gas customer support Team via Live Chat option present on their website.