For Apple UK customer service and support call: 0800 048 0408 free charge phone number, Monday-Friday, 8AM-PM; Saturday and Sunday 9AM-6PM, you can contact this number for any apple device support including your iPhone, iPad, Macbook or email. Contact Apple UK online through emailĀ [email protected].

Apple Customer Service Phone Numbers

Department Phone Number Price
Customer Service, Sales Support 0800 048 0408 Free Number
Apple Media Helpline 0208 278 1440 Up to 55p/minute
Purchase on behalf of your school, college or university 0800 912 0207 Free Number
Buy for Business 0800 058 2222 Free Number
iTunes Tech Support 0800 107 6285 Free Number
Beats Headphones Support 0800 028 2329 Free Number
Beats Support Ireland +353 180 094 6531
Online Store Ireland +353 180 092 3898
Store for Business Ireland +353 180 088 2045
iPod Support Ireland +353 1 800 804 062
Accessibility 0800 048 0754 Free Number
Apple UK Customer Service, Sales Support free number is 0800 048 0408, available 8AM-8PM, 9AM-6PM, Saturday-Sunday. Contact this number when you want to purchase by phone Apple hardware, Apple software or any other third-party accessories. This number is also available when you want to make purchases when you are a teacher, student or other education professional. Contact Apple UK customer service by email at [email protected].
Apple UK Media Helpline contact number is 0208 278 1440, available 8AM-8PM, 9AM-6PM, Saturday-Sunday. Contact Alan Hely, the person responsible for media enquiries at Apple UK. Call this Apple Media number when you need information about Apple press releases and events. If you prefer to contact Apple Media Helpline by email instead, please use this email address: [email protected].
Apple School, College or University Purchases free number is 0800 912 0207, available 8AM-9PM, 9AM-6PM, Saturday-Sunday. Contact this number if you represent a school, a college or a university and you want to purchase in bulk from Apple. Call the Apple Educational purchases to speak to an Apple representative and to get a fair price for your purchase.
Apple Buy for Business free number is 0800 058 2222, available 9AM-6PM, Monday-Friday. Contact this number if you are interested in getting answers related to Apple Business enquiries; contact Apple Business number and find the right tools for your company. If you can't shop online, better speak to a member of the Apple Business Team.
Apple iTunes Tech Support free number is 0800 107 6285, available 9AM-6PM, Monday-Friday. Call iTunes Support number from Apple when you have technical issues regarding your iTunes account; find more about iTunes updates, if you want to know how to download past purchases or if you want to know more about iTunes Gift Cards Scams.
Apple Beats Headphones Support free number is 0800 028 2329, available 9AM-6PM, Monday-Friday. Call Apple customer service number if you want to purchase Beats Headphones or if you have technical issues with your already purchased headphones. Contact Beats by Dr. Dre customer service if you have problems regarding headphones connection such as bluetooth or wireless.
Apple Beats Support Ireland contact number is +353 180 094 6531, available 9AM-6PM, Monday-Friday. Contact Beats support number for Ireland if you have enquiries regarding a purchase or if you have problems with your headphones; call this number if you need help regarding your Beats sound like audio loss or distortion, if the volume is too high, microphone is not picking up sound or if you have charging or bluetooth problems.
Apple Online Store Ireland contact number is +353 180 092 3898, available 9AM-6PM, Monday-Friday. Call Online Store for Apple Ireland if you want to purchase the latest iPhone X and to say hello to the future; contact this number also if you need help in purchasing a Mac computer, an iPad, an Apple Watch or TV.
Apple Store for Business Ireland contact number is +353 180 088 2045, available 9AM-6PM, Monday-Friday. Contact this number when you want to purchase the most powerful products for business from Apple. Call the Apple Store for Business products in Ireland if you are working for British Airways, Capital One, Cisco, Deloitte, IBM and SAP and find out how can you benefit from customised iOS apps.
Apple iPod Support Ireland contact number is +353 1 800 804 062, available 9AM-6PM, Monday-Friday. Contact Apple iPod number if you need to make a purchase for iPod products or if you have technical problems with an iPod and you need expert advice from Apple via phone. Contact iPod support from Apple when you need more accessories for your iPod like an extra battery or USB cables and earphones.
Apple Accessibility free number is 0800 048 0754, available 9AM-6PM, Monday-Friday. Call this number if you need to get in touch with Apple Accessibility and assistive technology in the UK department. Find out how can Apple products can help people with disabilities to have a better life; learn how Apple watch has some algorithms designed for wheelchair customers or how you can control your Mac with Switch Control.

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