Contact UK customer service and support 0203 564 6725 local rate number, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Contact Booking hotels online through this email address [email protected]. Customer Service Phone Numbers

Department Phone Number Price
Customer Service 0203 564 6725 Up to 55p/minute
Reservation Support for Partners 0203 684 7923 Up to 55p/minute Netherlands +31 707 703 884 Cambridge, Edinburgh and London 0208 612 8000 Up to 55p/minute Customer Service contact number is 0203 564 6725, available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Contact this number when you have enquiries regarding a booking you have made online, if you want to know how to change or how to cancel a reservation for a hotel, a flight or a rental car. Call this number also when you are interested in working at and you are looking for a career opportunity, when you want to become an affiliate or when you want to add your property to the listings. Get in touch with Customer Service by email writing to this address: [email protected]. Contact Media Relations email for press releases and events by writing to this address: [email protected]. Reservation Support for Partners contact number is 0203 684 7923, available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Call this number when you are a partner and you have a property listed on their website and you are having problems with your login details; call this number when you want to modify data on your property or when you want to add other locations. Contact this number also when you want to become a partner and to have your location, hotel, apartment listed on their website. Netherlands contact number is +31 707 703 884, available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Call this number when you have general enquiries regarding the in Dutch language like how to make or how to cancel your reservation, a flight or a car rental. Contact this number also when you are from Netherlands and you are interested in getting a career opportunity at If you prefer to contact them by fax instead, please use this number: +31 207 125 609. Cambridge, Edinburgh and London contact number is 0208 612 8000, available 24 hours, 7 days a week. This number if available when you want to get in touch with offices in Cambridge, Edinburgh or London. Call this number especially when you are interested in getting a job at in these locations or if you have a general enquiry about service. Contact these offices by fax at these numbers: Cambridge Office - 0208 612 8005; Edinburgh Office - 0131 247 3599; London Office - 0208 612 8005. Address

Herengracht 597, 1017 CE Amsterdam, Netherlands
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10 thoughts on “”

  1. David powell says:

    There’s a b and b in Blackpool at 37 lonsdale road call aprthotel coniston do not touch with a barge pole disgusting do booking .com not check

  2. mark leigh says:

    Can they please send me booking details for our stay in Torquay in August 2018 we have lost all the info regarding the stay

  3. Yahya Mohammed Mohammed says:

    I am driver I had seven year’s experience and I would like to working with for any costumer who come for holiday in UK, if they need to book for driver I am ready for the job

  4. Keith Richards says:

    Please could you tell me how to ask them to send the booking details for booking concerning our stay at Holiday Inn Express, Birmingham Oldbury for 2 nights

  5. Ray Sambridge says:

    I booked a two night stay in the beaches Clackton I tried to cancel .then they took money from my account

  6. Mrs Sylvia Butler says:

    I have made a booking for Weyside in Weymouth for Thursday the 7th February 2019 until Saturday 9th February 2019 which I have to cancel and therefore i will need to book another date. Please inform me how can i do it through their website – as to this cancellation so that I may book another date at this Guest House….Thankyou

  7. Julie breen says:

    Hi we just booked bingtang hotel Bali and we booked the wrong hotel was supposed to be bingtang resort not hotel can they please help us as it says if they cancel they have to pay the whole amount 23rd may to the 29th May 3 adults coat $ australian

  8. Gillian Humphries says:

    I placed a review of Meadows Inn Ironbridge booked through them. I placed same review on Trip advisor. That review is visible on them not. I had photographic evidence. No hot water in the morning. I feel misleading people. We paid full price n managed to find somewhere to stay, why is my review not visible on that site

  9. Novia James says:

    I would like to cancel 1 of the room please for the deja resort All inclusive in montego bay please it was to be 1 room for 2 people please I’m getting married in July so we don’t need 2 room who should i call ?

  10. We were asked if we could leave a day earlier as we we’re the only ones left in the hotel. They offered to find us a new hotel for one more night we didn’t want the inconvenience.. Premier Hotel Skegness agreed to reimburse us unfortunately the owner is America and they are unable to refund us and can we wait week or two. They have taken my mobile number and will contact me when the owner returns.

    We will rate the hotel once we have received a refund.



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