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Currys PC world customer service number: 0344 561 1234 local rate number, contact Currys Monday to Thursday, 9am to 6pm; Friday 9am to 6pm; Saturday 8am to 6pm and Sunday 9am to 6pm. Currys PC world online customer service email: address: [email protected].

Currys PC World Customer Service Phone Numbers

Department Phone Number Price
Customer Service 0344 561 1234 Up to 55p/minute
Sales 0344 561 0000 Up to 55p/minute
Currys PC World Business 0344 561 6789 Up to 55p/minute

Currys PC World Email Address

Currys PC World Address

Sheffield, S2 5YA
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7 thoughts on “Currys PC World”

  1. Teresa Arnold says:

    I was looking for tv they advertised Google for £169 LG tv 28” smart tv but when I went to site it said £199 . It has put me off and I will be looking elsewhere now all the other I clicked on that curry’s shops like John Lewis , Tesco’s , asda , Argos , where all right . It is misleading…

  2. Jane sutton says:

    I order 2 items in November, l have received one the DVD player, but have not received my kettle yet when will l please receive it thank you

  3. I bought a television that had problems and they refused to accept a refund. I spent 1:20 on the phone ant the end I was given a reference number and no solution.

  4. James McCreadie says:

    Thanks for the service

  5. MISS C EVANS says:


  6. To whom it may corncen

    I am very disappointed in the service l have received over the last week from curry’s. I bought an Apple MacBook Pro in 2017 April, I understand I am out of warranty from April 2018. My laptop two weeks ago started turning off unexpectedly, I took the product to apple as l normally do with my apple products. They explained the product was not bought directly from an apple store l had to go back were l purchased it(curry’s/pc world). A diagnostic was done by apple on my laptop and l was told there was a technical fault.
    When l got to curry’s I explained the issues with my laptop and l was given 3 different charges to get it fixed which was odd £35, £60 and £75. Nirali asked me to pay £35 and then £60 which l didn’t understand at the time. On the phone to know how l was asked to pay £75. Which was quite confusing and amateurish. I then explained I believe it’s a technical fault which l had been told by apple, Nirali in store 2849 then asked me to pay £60 which l did. The problems were explained to her and noted as she took the laptop along with another colleague and they booked it in. At the end of the process l was told to expect my laptop within 7 working days which wasn’t ideal as l use my laptop for business. It is literally my bread and butter however l had to leave it to get it fixed. She then confirmed my details and the laptop details and appraised it while l was in store. I was then asked to sign the service docket listing issues with the laptop. In the Product condition area of the docket on my customer Copy and the in store copy I signed were both blank as the condition of my laptop was as good as new.
    On Thursday the 15th of November I got a message to say my laptop was not fixed and was being returned. On the 19th of November (today) i have gone into store 2849 to pick up my laptop. A know how representative (Saif) has handed me back a laptop with Damage on it and the notes from the repair centre state “the laptop has not been repaired because of physical damage on the top right hand corner”. I then asked Saif where the damage had come from since there was no damage on the laptop and all the paperwork I had and the store had confirmed they was no damage when the laptop was on the day left in store.
    I am very disappointed as I am loosing out on my business as I am spending more time without my laptop, furthermore the laptop has not been fixed not through a fault of mine but the stores. I payed £1700 and I take pride in the physical appearance of my belongings (hence why inspected it on receiving it back) therefore l need a resolution. I am now corncened my laptop has receieved further damage to what it actually came in store with. The damage on it now could possibly cause a whole new technical problem or make worse the one that was on it already adding cost for me in the long run. Therefore I WILL NOT ACCEPT THE LAPTOP WITH the store is responsible for….currently my laptop has been left with the store and l am waiting on some information.
    Again disappointment is to say the least with the process and communication. I would just like to know what happened to my laptop and how this would be resolved.

  7. Had some wait to get through to customer service. Very annoying music too. Needs to have an update e.g. their call will be answered in estimated etc. That way will know whether to ring back another time or hold

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