Call 0330 365 5000 for EasyJet customer service and support :, local rate number. This number is available 7 days a week, 8AM-8PM. Contact EasyJet online through their email: [email protected], Or contact EasyJet through chat – use this form.

EasyJet Customer Service Phone Numbers

Department Phone Number Price
Customer service UK 0330 365 5000 Up to 55p/minute
Book a new holiday 0203 4 99 5232 Up to 55p/minute
Existing holiday booking 02034 995251 Up to 55p/minute
Special assistance 0800 998 1130 Free Number
IPS Passport Advice line 0300 222 0000 Up to 55p/minute
Duty Office 0203 499 5248 Up to 55p/minute
EasyJet Austria 0820 320 950
EasyJet Croatia 0601 90199
EasyJet Denmark 458988 1032
EasyJet France 0806141141
EasyJet Germany 03021782171 Up to 55p/minute
EasyJet Greece 211198 0013
EasyJet Israel 97237630561
EasyJet Italy 199201 840
EasyJet Portugal 70750 0176
EasyJet Spain 902599 900
EasyJet Switzerland 0848 282828
EasyJet Netherlands 0900 040 1048 Up to £3.60 plus phone company's access charge
EasyJet General Number +44330 3655454
EasyJet Customer Service UK contact number is 0330 365 5000.  The number is available 7 days in a week from 8AM to 8PM. Contact the EasyJet Customer Service helpline for all your enquiries. You can call in if you need to change your flight bookings and to request for compensation in case of delayed flight. You can also call if you want to know the current status of your flight.
EasyJet Book a new holiday contact number is 0203 499 5232. Contact EasyJet holiday booking helpline for details on holiday bookings available when interested in booking a new trip. The team will inform you on the price benefits and security benefits of Easy Jet. You will be taken through the packages under each booking. Information on the cost will be provided when you call.
EasyJet Existing holiday booking contact number is 0203 499 5251. Contact EasyJet existing booking helpline to manage bookings, flight tracker services and information on all the latest travel arrangements. You will also be guided on some airport packages available to you once you get to the airport when you contact this helpline.
EasyJet Special assistance free number is 0800 998 1130. The line is open daily. The line is available to provide the necessary assistance for customers who may need support in case of disabilities for easy mobility on the flight. An appropriate seat will be selected for blind travellers as well. Call EasyJet Special needs helpline within 48 hours of your departure so the needed assistance can be provided.
EasyJet IPS Passport Advice line free number is 0300 222 0000. Contact for all passport requirements for both domestic and international flights and advice on children and adults on a flight. The team will educate you on the validity of your passport and how long you can use after expiration which is 5 years. You must make sure your passport is in good condition and signed when you contact.
EasyJet Duty Office contact number is 0203 499 5248. The line is open from Monday to Saturday, 9AM to 8PM and on Sunday from 9AM to 5PM.  Contact if you need information on how to be connected to the sales team.  You can also call for information on managing your flights and make changes in your name, seat and flight. The EasyJet Office Duty helpline will provide the necessary information and support needed the moment you reach the team.

EasyJet Address

Luton, Bedfordshire LU2 9PF London
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13 thoughts on “EasyJet”

  1. Great job, and great website!

  2. chris fogg says:

    My flight from gatwick to montpellier on 28 feb was cancelled and I was directed to drive to brighton. I had no car. I was not told how to get there by train.
    I was able to stay with friends in london but foreign people would not have the same opportunity or would have been able to get to Brighton. I think
    handling of this event was totally inadequate, although I understand closure of Montpellier airport is outside control. What about laying on a bus or arranging to give out train tickets?

    Eventually I went to france by ryanair from luton to nimes and had to pay for travel plus a hotel and a flight plus transport to montpellier to collect my car. how do I get compensation for this debacle? I think it is time the complete arrangements around flight cancellation were reviewed as these situations can occur at any time without warning. have the opportunity to set the gold standard in incident handling.

  3. Jim Stratton says:

    American tourists who had a Terrible experience with EasyJet in Naples, Italy. Bumped us from our flight due to overlooking even with our paid reservation and seat assignments in hand when we arrived an hour and a half before our flight departure for check-in. They toldto us saying we had to check- in online!! We have it in writing that check-in did not close until 40 minutes before the flight departure. Tried to call them and were on hold for 2hrs and 45 minutes before giving up. Tried to do online chat and the wait time in the que was 180 minutes. Hard customer service! experience with EasyJet Airlines.

  4. Mrs Alice Jeffery says:

    We were booked on flight EZY2364 from Luton to Lisbon. We received an email prior to the flight advise the aircraft had been changed and to check the booking as our seats may have changed. I went on line and our seats were exactly as reserved in the emergency exit section as it provides extra legroom and for which we had paid extra. I looked at the e-mail from yourselves and it then said only the seats at the rear had changed. I received an identical e-mail but as I had already checked that our seats hadn’t changed I felt it was not necessary to go through the process again. When we boarded we were dismayed to discover we were no longer on the emergency exit section. I have just checked that an email for this flight that our seats but when I checked in on line they reverted to. I trust we can assume we will receive a refund. We did notify the cabin crew of this and they said it had been logged. In fact the seating was seat numbers.

  5. stuart fraser says:

    have easy jet stopped the morning fight from luton to glasgow ?

  6. Catherine Leslie says:

    Hi. I recently did online check in for our flight. But all of our party are sat apart. Is there any way I can change our seats so we are sat together.

  7. Mrs Margaret Jean Gallagher says:

    I have to cancel flight EZY8354, Saturday September 8th for myself and my husband, Mr Maurice , as my husband is ill and we had to return early to the UK , so he could go straight to Hospital, where he still been treated.


    The day my Easy jet flight was cancelled Basel Switzerland to Prague, I spoke to one of team and she told me that she did the thing to reimburse my money and that I should wait 1week more or less to received my money back.But unfortunately,I dont received anything yet until now and its now more than 1month. Why it took this so long?

    1. robert foreman says:

      when are they flying to the new airport Cavera in Murcia from Newcastle

  9. thomas r till says:

    i flu to alicante spain and you charged me twice not happy

  10. Adrienne scragg says:

    Will I be allowed to fly on easyJet with my cbd liquid gold oil for pain?

  11. Clive Samson says:

    How do I register change of my home address?

  12. Hi can you pay for hands-free travel at the airport thanks

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